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All orders are processed within 48 hours of receipt. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing some transit delays for domestic USA orders. 

We have a daily USPS pickup here at Dowdall Moore Creative but we have noticed that USPS is not scanning packages in as quickly as they normally do.


This is a direct result of COVID-19, and we ask that you be patient as USPS does their best to keep up. You may not see USPS show a receipt of package scan or tracking updates for anywhere from 1-4 business days from the date of pickup. 


This is not affecting all packages but some will have scan and transit delays.  USPS has informed us that all domestic packages are now +1 days in transit as a minimum, due to the effects of the virus. 


We wanted to let you know some of the reasons why shipments are experiencing delays. 


Upon request, we are happy to consider Returns and/or Exchange.

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