.Pet Portraits

Please Allow  Four (4) Weeks

For Delivery

Custom hand painted watercolor portrait of your favorite fur buddy by artist Nancy Ann Moore.


Here's how it works: Fill out the form below and purchase one (or more) of our package sizes. Then, send the photo that you want me to paint from.


Email to: dowdallmoorecreative@gmail.com.


Make sure your photo is clear, showing your pet as you want me to paint him/her. The best bet is a front facing photo, though some prefer a profile. Take the photo with good even indoor lighting, or else outdoors.


Remember the better your photo is,
the better the painting will be!

Custom Watercolor Portrait of Your Pet

Completion of custom pet portraits usually takes about 3 weeks. I will send you an email with tracking information once your order has been shipped. So please plan ahead if you need it before a certain day.
Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait Request Form
Step One: Please let us know you are interested in a Custom Pet Portrait by filling out this form.
Step Two: When you're ready to submit your order, please click below. 

Portrait Size: 9" x 12"  ($249) 

These prices are contingent on the artist keeping copyrights to the image. If you prefer to have exclusivity to the image please contact me for the appropriately adjusted price.

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